Lieber Zwillingspapa,

erinnere Dich an die ersten Male, an diese Momente, wenn Dich das Leben mit Zwillingen wieder in den Wahnsinn treibt, die Wohnung im Chaos versinkt, die Lautstärke Deinen Kopf umnebelt. Du bist Zwillingspapa: es sind diese Momente, für die es sich lohnt!

Diesen Moment als Du und die Mama die Zwillinge das erste Mal gemeinsam sehen:

Diesen Moment, wo Du sie beide das erste Mal spürst, voller Stolz

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L I F E 💕 #twins #twinbirth #twingirls

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Diesen Moment, wenn Du mit beiden Zwillingen, das erste Mal das Krankenhaus verlässt, um nach Hause zu gehen:

Diesen Moment, wo Du beide in den Armen hälst

Diesen Moment, wo Du gar nicht weißt ob Du nach links oder rechts schauen sollst

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“I don’t know how you do it, I would never be able to raise twins.” I don’t do it, WE do it, and I wouldn’t be able to raise Harlow & Myles without him. Alex is the reason I was able to tandem feed two 4 pound babies. He is the reason I get to recover from the week, and sleep in on Saturdays. He is the reason I am able to make myself a priority, and go for a run, or get my nails done. He is the reason why the dishes get done every night. And he is most definitely the reason why I can say, “I am thriving as a twin mom.” 👶🏻👶🏻 . What is your favorite thing about watching your significant other become a parent to your children? What does your partner do for you that is above and beyond? Do you and your partner split household chores? Tell me below ❤️👇🏻 . . . . . #twinmomlife #twinparents #raisingtwins #twinmom #twins #toddlerhood #twinbabies #twinning #twinmama #twindad #twindaddy #dadsofinstagram #parenthood #firsttimeparents #boygirltwins #teamwork #spouse #sahmlife #husbandandwife #thatsdarling #fraternaltwins #justbaby #superdad #twinsofinstagram

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Diesen Moment wo Ihr gemeinsam schlaft

Diesen Moment, wo Du sie beide gemeinsam trägst

Diesen Moment, wo Du sie das erste Mal im Kinderwagen spazieren fährst:

Diesen Moment, wo Du beide gleichzeitig fütterst

Diesen Moment, wo Du ihnen das erste Mal vorliest

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I swear we are absolutely blessed with the best 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 One of my favorite parts of being a mother has been watching @nskyzz become such a wonderful father. Every day that I watch him with these two I swear I love him more. Zerenitee is a true daddys girl through and through and, even though my heart breaks a little when Bane would rather go to him than to me, it's the sweetest thing! We have grown so much together in our journey into parenthood, twins are hard and we make such an incredible team. I can't imagine life without you – I love you always. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! 😍❤ . . #happybirthday #heresto23 #weloveyou #dadlife #twindaddy #twinparentlife #twotolove #borntogetherfriendsforever #mytinymonsters #twinsofinstagram #wombmates #daddysgirl #thelovegrows #ourlittlefamily #youaremyrock #myeverything #thankyou #iloveyoumore

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